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IGV-thumbnailPAL offers Unique Specialties in Conversions, Modifications and Upgrades for your GE ®  Turbine. One of those specialties is Changing Out Inlet Guide Vanes with Rotor In Place... How do we do it? - - - DOWNLOAD BROCHURE (.pdf)


CNTTU-LogoAt our Center for NewTech Turbine Upgrades, we will perform Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades on your outmoded GE ® gas turbines and generators... DOWNLOAD CENTER BROCHURE (.PDF)

T.O.P.S. Support

icon_headingWith our new Turbine Online Problem Solving (Powered by Scribblar™), PAL Turbine Services can provide you with REALTIME Technical Advisory Services ...Read More


500 Years Combined Years of Experience!

PAL Turbine Services offers a cadre of GE-trained field service and factory engineers, who collectively have over 500 Years of Experience in the power industry. No other turbine services provider offers the depth and breadth of Gas and Steam Turbine Technical Expertise as the PAL engineering staff. We technically advise client-owners of GE-manufactured power plants, resolving problems during planned and forced outages, as well as overseeing mechanical and fuel system upgrades... MEET OUR TEAM!


tops_logoWith our Turbine Online Problem Solving System (T.O.P.S.), get Real Time engineering services from PAL Turbine Services. T.O.P.S. allows our Field Engineers to begin diagnosing your maintenance issues before our feet hit the ground...MORE

Unique Specialties in Innovative Conversions/Modifications & Upgrades

PAL Turbine Services, LLC assists clients in the installation and start-up of other manufacturer's products applied to General Electric gas and steam turbines. Clients with GE power plants often purchase alternative replacement auxiliary components to upgrade their turbines. They include complete control systems with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). In combination with PLC systems, owners of power plants try to extend the life of the turbines with improved auxiliary components supplied by companies other than the OEM... MORE


  • IMPA has used PAL for many jobs over the last 20 years. In addition to the IGV work, PAL has also provided unit calibrations, heat shield replacements in our Frame 6 turbine compartments, and a Frame 6 SSS clutch replacement. All jobs have been performed on-time and on-budget. The technical support and supervision PAL has provided has always been of the highest quality. In addition to formal work, the people at PAL have always been available for spur of the moment phone calls for technical advice.
    Indiana Municipal Power AgencyBrian Markley

    Indiana Municipal Power Agency

  • The project was completed on budget and on schedule. TID was very satisfied with the technical knowledge, skills and experience of the PAL personnel and their contracted millwrights. The PAL Field Engineer demonstrated exceptional thoroughness and attention to detail. Contracting with PAL to perform the "in-situ" IGV replacement, rather than the alternate method of removing the compressor rotor, resulted in a much shorter outage and significant cost savings for TID. The IGV replacement project has met and continues to meet TID's intended objectives. In addition both gas turbines saw a measurable performance increase with the new high flow IGV's in place. TID is confident in recommending PAL for this type of work on similar gas turbines.
    Turlock Irrigation DistrictGeorge A. Davies IV

    Turlock Irrigation District