Headquartered in the Northeast, PAL is strategically near a major OEM in power generation, and several colleges offering careers in turbine technology

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PAL Turbine Services, LLC offers a cadre of GE-trained field service and factory engineers, who collectively have over 500 years of turbine experience to meet your service needs. We believe that PAL offers the power generation industry unparalleled depth and breadth of gas turbine, steam turbine and generator technical expertise. Most of our knowledge and field experience came during our GE years, as well as elsewhere in the industry during the twentieth century, to the benefit of clients in the twenty-first.

Mechanical and electrical field engineering services on GE turbines and generators are PAL specialties. Since forming PAL in 1999, we have been providing field engineering services and expert technical support on overhauls and installations. Because our team has the know-how and our overhead is low, we can keep our rates very competitive. Our reaction time is designed to be immediate with our Turbine Online Problem Solving (TOPS) services, particularly when an unforeseen outage takes you down. We are proud of our reputation throughout the power industry. Ask our other valued clients about us.

PAL also offers other services: fuel and control system upgrades, consultations on bid specifications, insurance investigations, root cause failure analysis, borescope inspections and interpretation of OEM conversions, modifications and upgrades (CMU).

No one in the industry has better intra-company communications. We work together to try to solve your field problems. Call on PAL Turbine Services for all your turbine and generator needs.

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