MS5001N Turbines and Generators Midnight Train’d to Glenville
MS5001N-gas turbine ready for unloading

Moving the second turbine into the Center for NewTech Turbine Upgrades. After cross-country rail transport, the turbine was offloaded for trucking into Building 202 at the Glenville Business & Technology Park. The Center is waiting to disassemble, inspect, upgrade and reassemble this MS5001N gas turbine.

Train is a-coming!

A gas turbine and two generators are due to arrive by rail and be offloaded on October 1, 2013. They will then be moved into the Center for NewTech Turbine Upgrades. Along with the turbine below, the second turbine will be overhauled and the generators inspected and upgraded.

Welcome back to Schenectady County! These turbines were originally manufactured at the local GE facility in 1971. Who says: “You can’t go home again?”

The generators will built in Lynn, Massachusetts. The Speedtronic control cabs were made in Virginia and the generator auxiliary cabs (GAC) were made in Georgia.