Why the Peaking Power blog?

I guess I wanted to take a more modern approach, the blog, to tell the story of the combustion (gas) turbine.  That way readers who visit www.pondlucier.com might want to return to the website from time to time to read more chapters in the Peaking Power blog.  Please start with the Prologue and then continue with the Introduction. Then, select Chapter 1- The Brayton Cycle. I hope to upload a new chapter every month and take the reader from the origins of the gas turbine through applications of today.

This blog begins during World War II in the 1940s with the jet engine designed and built by Sir Frank Whittle.  Most will call it a success story, based upon the evolution of the designs and the myriad applications of gas turbines.  I would agree.  However, the path taken will show some failures along the way, or perhaps better said, some ideas whose time had not yet come.

Because of my connections to antique British sports cars and partnership in Kim’s Import Motors, Inc., there will be some looks at gas turbine race cars of the 1950s and 1960s.

The turning point of the story of the gas turbine came the day the lights went out in November 1965 and the resulting Northeast Blackout.  Everything changed on that date, when power companies along the east coast all wished they had more “black start” gas turbines/generators. I was just leaving engineering school in the mid-1960s, so my turbine career seemed to begin at the right time.  And good timing means everything.

-       David Lucier