borescope_pic2PAL Turbine Services, LLC can give you the peace of mind of knowing the current condition of your gas turbine. The current condition can be determined inexpensively with a borescope inspection.

DID YOU KNOW that PAL sends an expert, GE-trained Field Engineer to inspect your turbine? Then, other senior staff engineers review the findings and make special recommendations.


PAL experts can internally observe, digitally record and diagnose the condition of such critical components as inlet guide vanes, turbine buckets, nozzle segments and shroud blocks. The IPLEX borescope provides Stereo Imaging for precise measurement from any angle. Using the IPLEX Borescope System, among other things PAL experts can determine is whether your thermal barrier coating (TBC) is separating prematurely. Damage can be measured to the nearest one-thousandth of an inch!!

Pal_Iplex_system_picCracks? Our Olympus stereoscope can measure a crack so you’ll not only know its location and direction of
propagation, but the length of the defect to within one-thousandth of an inch. This special feature can also measure the depth of any foreign object damage (FOD) indentations.

Let PAL borescope your gas turbine, and our experts will report on metallurgical conditions of internal components. Digital photographs will be made available before the engineer leaves the site. Timely reports are delivered with representative photographs and analysis of defects and recommendations.

 Peace of Mind is Worth the Price of a Borescope Inspection

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