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PAL Turbine Services, LLC has opened a new service facility in Glenville, NY.  The location is Building 202, A-Street at the Glenville Business & Technology Park.  It is called: Center for NewTech Turbine Upgrades.  At this location, we will be performing Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades (CM&U) to two General Electric MS5001N gas turbines and generators.Basically, the task is to upgrade the 5N turbines (circa 1971-72) to become like the 5P turbines of today.  All of the recommended upgrades will be done for a client in Venezuela who purchased the package power plants from an owner in Tecumseh, Kansas. These turbines were built at the nearby GE campus in Schenectady, NY.  Who says: "You can't go home again?"  Nearby, that is.


MS5001N gas turbines purchased by a Venezuelan paper mill that we will upgrade with new technology improvements

The turbines will also be "re-purposed."  That is, their original application was for peaking and emergency power in a region of the country prone to tornadoes and stiflingly hot summer temperatures.  Their new application will be base load operation at paper mill that also wants to recover the exhaust heat to generate steam for the manufacturing process.  The turbines are old in calendar years, but young in fired hours and starts.  As expected, the control systems will be modernized and additional features (not utilized at Tecumseh) like inlet air filtration and low-emissions combustion (steam injection) will be applied in this environment-friendly upgrade.

So, come visit on our website, or in person by appointment, at the Center for NewTech Turbine Upgrades.  More simply called, The Center!

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