PAL has often been asked to support generator field engineering services, particularly when gas or steam turbine outages are planned. Also, when generator faults are suspected or actually detected, inspections often require disassembly. This includes removal of the generator rotor, repair by a service shop, reassembly and alignment of the related components.

When testing is required for generator protective relays, power circuit breakers and/or excitation systems, PAL has engineers to supervise this work. All of our technical advisors (TA) are graduates of GE’s electrical Field Engineering Program (FEP) or Generator Specialist Program (GSP), as applicable. In short, whether it be gas, steam or generator engineering, you can turn to PAL for field services with assurance that the job will be done right by GE-trained specialists.

PAL is uniquely positioned to provide many of Generator Engineering Services. Contact PAL today, or use of our Turbine Online Problem Solving (TOPS) service that will assist our staff to gather data and immediately communicate with experts in our engineering offices.

Generator Mechanical Services - Disassembly

disassembly-pic2PAL will disassemble GE electrical generators for inspection services associated with gas or steam turbines.

Working with generator repair companies, PAL will safely remove a generator rotor (field) following accepted manufacturer’s practices and procedures disassembly-pic3to prepare it for shipment to a service shop.

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Generator Mechanical Services - Reassembly

reassembly-pic1Reassembly Upon return of the reconditioned rotor, PAL will safely reassemble the generator and conduct alignment of the related components. In the meantime, PAL will perform foundation checks for “soft feet” under the reduction gear and generator pedestal bearing. Inspection of sub-sole plates, grouting and foundation condition.

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Generator Alignment Services

Generator rotor and reduction gear alignment is accomplished in strict compliance with OEM specifications (MS5001 and MS6001). PAL engineers learned alignment techniques at the GE’s Field Engineering Development Center (FEDC). Expect to see dial indicators, feeler gages, gear contact checks and the like. Some call it “old school.” We call it the way the manufacturer intended in concurrence with specific field instructions.

Depending upon the model series, reduction gear (if applicable) and generator design, every step will be taken to restore the unit to its originally aligned condition.

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Generators can be tested while still assembled (rotor and stator in place).  PAL engineers will assist specialists from generator service shops in their endeavors to determine such faults as “shorted turns.”  PAL plays a support roll in electrical and mechanical setup work in the testing.

Generator Protective Relay and Breaker Testing

relay-breaker-pic1PAL has ex-GE generator engineering specialists, all of who were trained on GE’s Field Engineering Program (FEP) at the Power Systems facility. Engineers will test generator protective relaying and main circuit breaker (52G) for successful operation.

relay-breaker-pic3It is imperative that all protective devices are properly adjusted to prevent damage, as the on-coming generator synchronizes to the power grid and later operates in parallel with other power providers

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Generator Excitation Specialists

generator_pic1Whether the generator excitation is the one originally installed by General Electric®, or an upgrade replacement by Basler® or others, PAL has the expertise to properly adjust the exciter for reliable operation. From the resistance stack exciters of the 1960s to the bus-fed systems of modern times, we have experts to deal with the evolution of designs offered by GE and its competitors.

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