Steam Turbine Engineering Services

PAL Turbine Services, LLC has provided technical advisory (TA) services steam_index_picon GE produced steam power plants, with GE-trained engineers, for over a decade.

PAL services include:

  • Mechanical outages
  • Steam stop and control valve Inspections
  • Bearing inspections
  • Borescope Inspections of steam path
  • Mechanical Hydraulic Controls (MHC)
  • Electro-hydraulic Controls (EHC) controls
  • Power Plant start-up after outages
  • Vibration analysis

PAL can also provide technical services from afar.Our staff engineers can support field engineers and clients from our offices in Clifton Park, NY. T.O.P.S. is a modern, on-line service that allows us to technically support clients in other time zones or around the world

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DID YOU KNOW that electric power generation in the United States is PRIMARILY provided by steam turbine generators? GE has been a major producer of these power plants, and PAL has GE-trained engineers who provide TA services.

Steam Borescope Services

Borescope ScreenPAL Turbine Services, LLC. can give you the peace of mind of knowing the current condition of your steam turbine can be determined inexpensively with a borescope inspection.

PAL experts can internally observe, digitally record and diagnose the condition of such critical components steam path components, control valves, stop valves, diaphragms and packing. The IPLEX provides Stereo Imaging for precise measurement from any angle. Using the IPLEX Borescope System, PAL experts can determine the seriousness of cracks, foreign object damage (FOD) and steam path distortion. Damage can be measured to the nearest one-thousandth of an inch!!borescope_pic1

Cracks? Our Olympus stereoscope can measure a crack so you'll not only know its location and direction of propagation, but the length of the defect to within one-thousandth of an inch. The depth of any FOD indentations can be measured as well with this special feature.

Let PAL borescope your steam turbine, and our experts will report on metallurgical conditions of internal components. Digital photographs will be made available before the engineer leaves the site. Timely reports are delivered with representative photographs and analysis of defects and recommendations, typically within two weeks of the on-site inspection.

Peace of Mind is Worth the Price of a Borescope Inspection

With the Olympus Iplex, PAL can handle your inspection needs more quickly and accurately! Contact PAL to request a Borescope Inspection today!


Overhauls and Maintenance Services


overhauls_pic1PAL provides technical advisory (TA) services for steam turbine outages.

  • Our engineers are highly experienced turbine overhaul specialists who were trained by the OEM in the best practices and procedures.
  • Strict turbine standards are employed during disassembly, inspection, parts disposition and reassembly.
  • Start-up specialists can also be provided for MHC, EHC and Speedtronic™ Mark V control and protection systems, as applicable.

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Outage Planning and Management

Whether you require:projectmgmt_pic1

  • project planning by the Critical Plan Method (CPM)
  • project management
  • site management or
  • technical advisory (TA) services for your next outage

PAL's personnel has the expertise to plan, technically advise or supervise the job.

projectmgmt_pic2DID YOU KNOW that PAL has one of the most highly trained and experienced group of engineers and consultants of any of the non-OEM turbine service companies? PAL can offer mechanical, as well as, control system services. In this age of deregulation, it is imperative that your system be as reliable and efficient as possible. PAL can lead you through the process of system evaluation, preventive maintenance, upgrade and modification to meet your goals.

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Control and Stop Valve Inspections and Testing

cvt_pic1PAL provides technical advisory (TA) services on steam path inspections.

  • If required, steam control and stop valves are inspected on most outages.
  • Hydraulic testing and operational performance is required after inspection.
  • Our TA’s can provide services required to assure that the control and cvt_pic2protection systems are properly returned to operation Contact PAL for further information and assistance.

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Bearing Inspections

  • bearinginspect_pic1On some outages, only the journal and thrust bearings are inspected.
  • In many cases, once bearing failure or deterioration is discovered, shaft and internal realignment is required.
  • Our technical advisors (TA) can oversee the bearinginspect_pic2complete realignment of the steam turbine and generator.

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Mechanical Hydraulic Controls (MHC)

mhc_pic2DID YOU KNOW that MHC controls were offered on steam turbines up until the electronic era of the 1970s? Many of these turbines still exist, often with their original fly-ball governors and links and lever assemblies.

PAL has specialists on these systems, including those for process plants that involve three-arm governors for control of automatic extraction steam.

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Electro-hydraulic Controls Troubleshooting

ehc_pic1DID YOU KNOW that EHC controls were popular in the 1970s and early 1980s? Many of these systems remain in operation today at large steam turbine installations.

PAL can provide technical advisory (TA) service on EHC systems. Several on our staff are graduates of the LST-G Start-up program of the OEM in Schenectady, NY.ehc_pic2

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Speedtronic™ Mark V Troubleshooting


DID YOU KNOW that around the year 2000, GE began offering Speedtronic™ Mark V controls on some of their steam turbines? Long known for applications to gas turbines, the same platform and software was used on steam units.

Most modern units came equipped with <HMI> screens; PAL has expertise on systems employing the original <I> interface.

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Inspections and Expert Witness Testimony

PAL can provide expert witness to clients involved in legal disputes involving General Electric (GE) steam turbines. This includes root cause analysis (RCA), on-site investigations, depositions and testimony as required. Over the past ten years, PAL has been deposed as technical experts by legal teams in claims of warranty or faulty craftsmanship against the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We have also assisted clients in disputes with companies who have provided inadequate aftermarket repairs, services or overhauls of turbines.


PAL’s legal services include:

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Investigations
  • Due diligence
  • Technical research
  • Over-the-phone interviews
  • Depositions and courtroom testimony

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