July 17, 2015

Mr. David Lucier
Pond and Lucier, LLC
636 Plank Road, Suite 209
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Re: IGV washer replacement of IMPA’s (4) MS-6001 gas turbines

Mr. Lucier:

This letter is intended as a testimonial to the innovation, professionalism, and level of service provided by Pond and Lucier during the IGV thrust washer replacement on Indiana Municipal Power Agency’s (4) MS6001, GE Frame 68 gas turbines, May 2006. PAL provided two Technical Directors, Carlos Sanoja and Sal Paolucci, that oversaw technical and labor direction at 2 IMPA sites, with 2 units worked concurrently at each site. All units were completed in 30 days or less.

A brief overview of the workscope was as follows:

  • Remove inlet duct transition piece and elbow, and the inlet plenum. Remove all conduit, piping, etc.
  • Remove upper half IGV gears, and upper half inlet casing.
  • Remove the lower half rub ring, and machine per TIL mod drawing #24787455 to allow clearance of new style T-head dowel pins.
  • Replace inner and outer IGV bushings and spacers, thrust washers, and various IGV blades.
  • Reassemble and test run.

Before cofounder Charlie Pond’s process innovation, this job would have entailed removal of the turbine rotor. This in-situ repair saved IMPA thousands of dollars, and weeks of extended outage time. The 4 IGV replacements were performed at the highest level of professionalism and safety, and all of the units have run for the last nine years with no further IGV issues.

IMPA has used PAL for many jobs over the last 20 years. In addition to the IGV work, PAL has also provided unit calibrations, heat shield replacements in our Frame 6 turbine compartments, and a Frame 6 SSS clutch replacement. All jobs have been performed on-time and on-budget. The technical support and supervision PAL has provided has always been of the highest quality. In addition to formal work, the people at PAL have always been available for spur of the moment phone calls for technical advice.
I would highly recommend PAL for any work you may be considering. Please feel free to contact me at 765-994-8158, or bmarkley@impa.com for a personal recommendation.

Brian Markley
Combustion Turbine Manager
Indiana Municipal Power Agency

Indiana Municipal Power Agency
Brian Markley

Indiana Municipal Power Agency