January 27, 2014

Mr. David W. Lucier
Owner, General Manager
Pond and Lucier, LLC
636 Plank, Suite 209
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Re: IGV Repair of TID’s MS-5001P gas turbines

Mr. Lucier:

This letter is intended to provide the reader with a testimonial regarding the IGV repair work performed Pond and Lucier on Turlock Irrigation District’s (TID) Walnut Power Plant gas turbines. These General Electric MS-5001P dual fuel simple cycle gas turbines began operation in 1986 and are used as a peaking resource for TID.

The project objectives were;

  • Complete repair I replacement of the faulty IGV’s in a cost effective manner.

Pond and Lucier (PAL) was contracted to provide the Technical Director, labor supervision and millwright’s necessary to perform the following;

  • Pre-outage development of itemized parts list requirements
  • Inventory parts list at site, including those components removed/replaced during the outage
  • Removal of all hardware and equipment necessary to gain access to the IGV’s
  • Record “as-found” conditions
  • Removal of all IGV’s and related hardware, replace with new high-flow IGV’s and new hardware
  • Thorough borescope of the gas turbine
  • Remove accessory coupling and check alignment
  • Disassemble, inspect and reassemble #1 bearing
  • Advise on repairs or replacement of components as deemed necessary
  • Reassemble gas turbine after IGV replacement
  • Record “as-left” conditions
  • Reassembly of all hardware and equipment necessary to gain access to the IGV’s
  • Adjust IGV angles for desired operation
  • Perform start-up checks and leak tests as required
  • Tear down and move off the job

The project was completed on budget and on schedule. TID was very satisfied with the technical knowledge, skills and experience of the PAL personnel and their contracted millwrights. The PAL Field Engineer demonstrated exceptional thoroughness and attention to detail. Contracting with PAL to perform the “in-situ” IGV replacement, rather than the alternate method of removing the compressor rotor, resulted in a much shorter outage and significant cost savings for TID.

The IGV replacement project has met and continues to meet TID’s intended objectives. In addition both gas turbines saw a measureable performance increase with the new high flow IGV’s in place. TID is confident in recommending PAL for this type of work on similar gas turbines.

George A. Davies IV
Combustion Turbine Dept. Mngr.
Turlock Irrigation District

Turlock Irrigation District
George A. Davies IV

Turlock Irrigation District