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Fig. 1: GE Package Power Plant Enclosure (Blue Panels)

GE gas turbine package power plants (PPP) have enclosures with access doors and removable panels. See Figure 1 above. These enclosures need to be properly sealed, so as to compartmentalize and prevent the spread of potential fires. For instance, the turbine and accessory compartments should be able to isolate any fire potentially caused by fuel oil, natural gas, lube oil or other combustible fluids or solids. The fire protection system (CO-2) is there to extinguish any fires that might arise therein. Thus, the compartments need to have working doors and side panels that are properly sealed. It should be obvious that door handles and hinges must function properly.

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Fig. 2: Open Accessory Compartment Doors

Do you have a compartment doors with a broken hinges?

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Fig. 3: Broken hinge on compartment door

GE has used the same type hinges on PPP for decades. However, the problem is that the part number is difficult to find in the turbine renewal parts book. PAL Turbine Services, LLC has found the part number for hinges that will likely fit your compartment doors: 287A7107-P001.

These hinges are available from General Electric, Turbine Services, Ltd and other sources. It should be noted that these hinges require stainless machine mounting screws. The holes should be tapped before installation and the bolt threads should be coated properly with an anti-seize compound.

Also, install a stainless steel chain to prevent the hinges from hitting adjacent ducting like the inlet plenum.

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Fig. 4: Chain set to prevent door from opening too far and damaging inlet plenum

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